Pricing and payment plans

Pricing and Payment Plans

Take charge of your heating oil costs!

If you’re getting serious about getting more control over your home expenses and budgeting, Goodrich Gas can help!

We offer pricing and payment plans that can save you money and make budgeting easier.

EZ Pay Advantage

Our FREE EZ Pay Advantage budget plan is great for taking control of your heating oil expenses.

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Think about your heating oil usage. Obviously, you use heating oil mostly in the colder months. That means your heating oil bills are much higher than in the summer. EZ Pay Advantage ends the billing yo-yo. Here’s how it works:

Your heating oil costs are spread out over 12 even, monthly payments. You’ll always know how much your heating oil bill will be each month, which makes planning your expenses and budget easier!
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Price Cap and Prebuy

As you have seen over the years, heating oil prices can fluctuate because of market conditions and geopolitical issues from half a world a way.

Want to get off that roller coaster of heating oil costs? We have some solutions.

With Price Cap, you’ll pay an agreed-upon price per gallon for your heating oil. No matter what happens in the markets and heating oil pricing, what you pay per gallon won’t change.

Prebuy lets you buy your heating oil before heating season, when heating oil tends to cost less. You agree to purchase the amount of gallons you’ll need to get through heating season, and that’s the price you’ll pay.


The ultimate in ease is Autopay. Your monthly heating oil bill is automatically deducted from your checking account or credit card each month. Your payments are always on time, and you never need to mail in your payments again!

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