Residential Services

Hudson Propane is ready to serve all of your residential needs from the indoors out. Our team of experts will be sure you get the solution personalized to meet your propane needs and we only use the highest quality gas, so you can have the peace of mind that you are using the cleanest and most efficient fuel possible.

Propane Means Savings and Efficiency

When you make the switch to propane not only can you save $100’s or even $1000’s annually, you can rest assured that you are powering your home or business with the most efficient fuel possible. In fact, when comparing the average price for electric vs propane in the area the savings are staggering. See below for a comparison to learn how the savings can stack up and contact us today to receive a FREE pre-installation assessment.

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Harness the power of propane with these propane appliances

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Water Heaters

According to the American Council for and Energy-Efficient economy, the average U.S. household used more than 19,000 gallons of hot water each year. Propane water heaters have a rapid recovery rate, efficiently meeting your daily demands for hot water in a cost-effective manner (saving you up to 16% on your energy bills). Contact us today to learn how you can say yes to efficiency and no to cold showers.

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Range Ovens

Propane allows you to cook with exact temperatures and even heat distribution. You will cook more safely and efficiently with stoves that heat up and cool down quickly. Contact us to learn more about our propane solutions for all of your appliances.

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Nothing says cozy like a warm, glowing fireplace. All of our offerings turn on and off with a remote control or the flip of a switch, which means you can warm a room even quicker and with less hassle.

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Room Heaters

Get ready to warm any space in your home, cabin, garage or workshop with a vented or vent-free, incredibly efficient propane space heater. These heaters are also extremely safe by protecting you against the dangers of carbon monoxide and will automatically shut down if oxygen levels fall below a specified threshold. We offer a wide array of 30,000 and 20,000 BTU room heaters designed to meet your needs. Contact us or visit our showroom to learn more.

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Gas Grill Tanks

No more wait-time for the coals to get hot enough. Just fire up your gas grill and you’re ready to go. Click here for our refill station address and to contact us.